Top 5 Overall Nc Yankees Rookies - Your Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide 2009

The Yankees have reportedly gotten their man. again. The Yankees have outbid the Atlanta Braves and agreed to terms with pitcher A.J Burnett for five years to the tune of $82.5 million. Burnett's agent, Darek Braunecker, confirmed that an agreement has been reached and that the pitcher needs consider a physical deal can be completed.

The one variable for Brett Anderson is his win total for 2011. The Athletics have upgraded their offense this past off-season the brand new acquisitions of David DeJesus and Hideki Matsui; this only means a higher run support for Anderson next season with a boost in his win some.

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The a number of.49 ERA won't turn any heads, however the statistic that catches the interest is the 10.97 K/9 which happens to end up being highest strikeout ratio planet entire Major league baseball. AVG Anti-Virus Update Crack seemed turned things around when he posted a fantastic 13.08 K/9 ratio in second 50 % the season before getting shut down for the year.

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